European Men-Who-Have-Sex-With-Men Online Survey (EMIS): Design and Practices

European Men-Who-Have-Sex-With-Men Online Survey (EMIS): Design and Practices

EMIS Returns from Global Recruitment

All online promotions of EMIS (compensated and unpaid) included an original ‘source code’ by the end regarding the Address, that suggested the origin of recruitment for every response that is individual. Ninety per cent of qualifying cases had a supply rule. The foundation rule permitted us observe marketing impact and also to adjust investing to increase recruitment spread. Additionally unveiled the amount of unique recruitment sources you can find besides the ten paid-for recruitment web web web web sites described below.

The percentage of every nation sub-sample arriving at the study through each one of the primary recruitment tracks diverse significantly by nation (see Table 2).

PlanetRomeo recruited 39.1% of most qualifiers (letter = 49,924). They charged a nominal cost for their marketing. The main advertising ended up being a significant direct message to all or any users in every target nations plus in every language. Additional advertising was banner advertising.

After 5 days of recruitment through PlanetRomeo we began Grindr marketing, which in turn went into the final end of fieldwork. It was the next many recruitment that is common, the route-in for 20.3per cent of qualifiers (letter = 25,979). Grindr discounted their marketing. Grindr recruited over 50% of qualifiers in 4 nations and 25–50% in 8 other people. While all nations received targeted Grindr advertising, we focussed duplicated (regular) advertisements on nations with less recruits (in accordance with their population). This allowed for extremely efficient utilization of our advertising spending plan.

The 3rd solitary recruitment environment causing 5% of qualifiers had been Hornet (letter = 7013). Hornet discounted their marketing. The principal promotions had been in-app broadcasts. (more…)

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